That’s how the founding stone of Wisdom Valley Convent School was laid by Ms. Mrinalini Tripathi in 2017. An idea, a vision, a dream to impart quality education to children, and the setting up of the school with class Playgroup—the rest is history. School defines a child’s first decision, the first feel of the sense of responsibility, his first achievement, the first failure and the first lesson of perseverance. At WVCSchool, with the motto of “All round development” we strive to make this journey of our children a valuable learning experience. With hard work, grit and courage, we are continuously progressing with achievements, laurels and new feathers being added to our cap with every passing day—and there is no looking back!

The philosophy of The WVCSchool encompasses core life skills. In this 21st century of brain-shattering and spine-chilling issues, we teach our children to be responsible and diligent individuals, we teach them to have faith in their abilities and to follow their instincts so that they can produce extraordinarily bright and successful results in every field of their life. And yet we teach them acceptance and humility! We teach them that it’s alright to fail at times in life—it’s the determination to spring back that counts the most. And perhaps this philosophy of ours makes our students stand out in the plebeian.

The School envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic education that will stimulate excellence in every undertaking of our students. Furthermore, we are committed on providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among our learners. Our obligation to students goes beyond basic education, as we help them grow into conscientious, confident and independent individuals.

Our aims at teaching its students to strike the right balance in their life—its national level debaters topping the boards in class 5th, excellent orators participating in school dance competitions and winning, and its aspiring basketball stars scoring remarkably well in academics bear testimony to this fact.

Warm Regards